Is Rocky Top good, or what?

Tennessee logo 4

The TNWatchdog is reporting today that the governor’s new state logo boondoggle just got much worse.  It seems the infamous $46,000 logo that everyone hates cannot be trademarked.  The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office rejected the state’s trademark application.

Just 6 days ago ol’ Rocky Top Politics was warning that this was exactly what might happen, and now it has:

The governor, ever the legal expert, opines that they couldn’t use the popular “Tri-star” logo because “it wasn’t possible to trademark” that design.  Oh, really Bill?

Let’s see how well your trademark holds up when someone outside state government decides to use it and your crack Attorney General tries to stop them.  We were not aware that turning the state flag 90 degrees to the right, then replacing the Tri-stars with an acronym (TN) that was created by the U.S. postal service and has been in the public domain for 50 years  was “trademark-able.”  What a load of hooey.  Just like your bogus inference that people were upset with the logo because they “thought it would replace the state flag.”

For those of you who doubted the crew at Rocky Top, perhaps it is now clear to you that we know what we are talking about and that we are not afraid to say it.

And so we will ask the rather obvious question:  Does ANYONE over there know how to govern?  The incompetence of this administration is reaching embarrassingly absurd levels.  Paying a bunch of money for an ugly logo that the governor then tried to shove down the throat of the taxpayers is bad enough.  But having your trademark rejected (while claiming you could not use the popular tri-star logo because it “couldn’t be trademarked”) speaks to the very heart of why this governor is in such trouble.

No Bill, this is not the result of a recalcitrant GOP legislative caucus, or lobbyists and the Chamber of Commerce losing the clout.  And it is not because of Obama.

No, this all on you,

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