Haslam takes it in the shorts. Again.

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Administration get “schooled” by judge for illegal shut down of Virtual Academy.

Pity poor Bill Haslam. He can’t seem to catch a break. He could try to attribute his latest setback to the Flying Fickle Finger of Fate, but in reality he has only himself to blame.

The Virtual Academy – K12’s controversial online school – has had its problems, to be sure. But its biggest problem was not in the classroom, but in the halls of the education bureaucracy, where Haslam officials have engaged in an almost pathological attempt to shut down the school before it even had a chance to succeed. They did so under the leadership of the governor’s office (aka, Mark Cate), the past Education Commissioner (Kevin Huffman) and his successor (Candice McQueen).

Tellingly,after the decision the administration refused to make any comment about the ruling.  No threats of further legal action, no macho posturing — just crickets….

Not to bore everybody with the minutiae, but late last week Judge Lyle ruled on a lawsuit brought by parents with children who attend the Academy and he essentially determined that the Haslam bureaucrats were trying to impose on the VA a different standard than they applied to other under-performing schools, and that the state tried to do so retroactively (i.e., illegally).

Despite the howls of protest from the Haslam administration before the legislature and during the trial, the judge kept the VA open for at least another year and perhaps longer. You can add this defeat to a long list of Haslam screw-ups and defeats, including Common Core, Insure TN (twice), InsureGate, Advance Tennessee, The Logo and host of other missteps.

And now the Guv says he wants to raise gas taxes?  Our advice to him:

grab your ankles






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