Jim Wrye: Lobbyist to the Right. Employer of the Left.

want adJim Wrye is in a real pickle. After being run out of the Alabama teacher’s union (the ingrates didn’t even take into account his years of loyal service as the Exec. Director of the Democratic state party), he moves to Tennessee, hoping to start a new life over in the union’s Witness Protection Program.

But Wrye’s troubles multiply no sooner than he takes his new job with the Tennessee teacher’s union. Even though he desperately tried to re-create himself as of some sort of Republican, his entire employment history catches up with him. Just as he arrives in the Volunteer state, he finds they have just eliminated collective bargaining. His union then loses 15,000 members in a short period of time, its dues are down 30%, they have to lay off 1 out of every 5 employees.

What to do, what to do?

Hire a Marxist!

That’s right. The best way to deal with a Republican super majority is to appoint a left-wing, socialist nut-job who will write sputtering polemics about the corporatists and the oligarchy. And do so while harassing elected officials like Sen. Todd Gardenhire, spitting on the America flag by refusing to even respectfully stand for the pledge of allegiance, and run around like a general ass pretending you are a “community organizer,” because after all that’s how the Chosen One got elected President of the United States.

Meet Chris Brooks. Communist/Socialist/Marxist agitator. TEA field rep. Fatuous dipwad.

Brooks, a studiously disheveled Metrosexual type, was hired by Jim Wrye (as if we needed a final confirmation of Wrye’s political inclinations) to work for the Chris BrooksTEA. And since then, Brooks has run amok through the local political community like “Pajama Boy” on crack. Here are some of the more entertaining (or disturbing) antics and quotes from Comrade Chris:

Brooks is frequently quoted in Workers World, the slander sheet with roots directly from the Marxist-Leninist communist party.

And when it comes to getting his Lenin shorts all in a wad, no one can spew it better than Chris Brooks:

 “corporate front groups coming into our city are aligning themselves with anti-worker and anti-equality organizations and are openly trying to capitalize on the South’s vicious history of racism and homophobia to accomplish their goal of stopping local workers from organizing a union.” 

So much for recruiting new businesses and new jobs to Tennessee. Brooks cries “racism” but did we hear a peep out of him when the TEA shifted their contributions to the GOP while short-changing the Black Caucus – their most loyal supporters?

Brooks has pointedly refused to even stand for the Pledge of Allegiance in public meetings that he attends. Yeah, that’ll win you friends in the legislature.

So as the legislature begins its Long March back to another session, let no one forget what Wrye hath wrought. Oh sure, he temporarily hired a couple of token Republican lobbyists to mask his left-wing association’s politics.

But then he also hired Chris Brooks.

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