Remember President Lamar!

Lamar 1


The Jeb Bush campaign has reportedly hired every political consultant still breathing with all the cash they have raised. But couldn’t they have put a little aside for a graphic design artist for the campaign logo? Are the people who designed the laughable new Tennessee logo working pro bono for the Jeb Bush campaign? How else could you explain the new Bush for President graphic:

Jeb 1

Is the Bush name really so toxic among Republican voters that he has to drop it entirely? Or maybe he thinks he is a celebrity like Prince! Madonna! Beyonce! or even Hillary!

Regardless, Jeb! has only to look at fairly recent presidential campaign history to show that all the muddle-headed PR types in the world cannot design a campaign graphic that can hide someone’s underlying political problems (just ask Bill! Haslam). Remember President Lamar Alexander?

lamar 2

Free passes for illegal aliens and support for Common Core are Jeb’s! biggest hurdles, not the punctuation of his first name.

As always, RTP stands ready with a helpful suggestion for the nascent Bush campaign, with a new, more appropriate logo:


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