What a totally unanticipated and completely surprising ruling from the Attorney General!

church lady 4 editedYes, it seems the governor’s handpicked toady, who has a second job as the state’s attorney general, has delivered an opinion that the release of legislators’ personal healthcare information — part of a dishonest, deceitful, backstabbing, disingenuous and inept political blackmail attempt by Haslam and his chief of staff to slime Republican legislators — did “not violate any state laws.”

Slattery said the release of the information was allowed under Tennessee law, which implies that the Tennessee Code supercedes federal law — a highly questionable position.  When it came to past opinions about Tennessee whiskey, the Bible, and his refusal to join other states in challenging Obamacare, Slattery bowed at the alter of federal supremacy.  But to protect his best friend (the guv) from further political embarrassment, Slattery now tries to assert Tennessee privacy laws as dominant.

“How conve-e-e-enient!”

Too bad no one thought to ask Slattery to rule on the rank stupidity of the governor’s political attack.  Maybe a legislator can request an AG opinion on the question:  “Who’s the bigger political putz?  Haslam or Obama?”

We are sure that all those legislators who watched as their personal information was paraded around by newspapers such as The INSURETennessean in an attempt to bully them (into doing something that 21 other states have also refused to do) feel so-o-o much better about their relationship with Bill Haslam this morning.

You can just feel the love, can’t you?

Why it wouldn’t surprise the crew here at RTP if the GOP caucus just rolled over and let the governor tickle their tummy, call a special summer session and pass that darned ol’ Medicaid/Obamacare expansion.

Yeah, right.

We challenge The INSURETennessean to bet their entire circulation that will happen. Oh wait, the geniuses down at the paper already did that. Keep it up, sports. Soon you won’t be able to give that rag away.

Finally, a rousing “Congrats!” to you, Herbert. We hear the “Legal Sycophant of the Year” award is just about locked up.

Or as the Church Lady would say:  “Isn’t that special?”

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