Remember the idiots who screwed up last year’s TCAP scores?

They’re Ba-a-a-ck!

After the disastrous going away gift from former Education Commissioner Kevin “I voted for Obama” Huffman in the form of suspiciously delayed and rumored tampering of TCAP scores last year, one would think the Haslam administration would have learned its lesson.

One would be wrong.

In an almost unbelievable demonstration of incompetent management, the people who say they know best how to educate our children have shown for the second year in a row that they can’t even manage one of their most basic duties: the accurate reporting the annual TCAP scores. What’s worse is the same charges of score manipulation to make the administration’s education claims more believable were once again being levied against state officials.

Those officials have had to fan out across the state on The “Sorry-we-are-so-stupid-and incompetent” Tour to try and calm angry teachers, parents and school administrators.

“I got a beautiful explanation of what I believe to be incorrect,” said Kenyon Cook, a teacher at Cromwell Elementary School. He said he and his students celebrated their quick scores, only to be told they don’t mean anything.

“I can’t think of a better way to say it,” he said. “It made kids, parents, teachers, feel stupid.”

Those who would like to cut the governor some slack are finding it increasingly difficult to do so because of repeated examples of incompetence, especially in education. Whether it’s expensive and ugly new state logos, or releasing personal information about legislators’ health insurance in an obvious attempt to embarrass or intimidate them, or manipulating or misreporting TCAP scores, this administration has repeatedly demonstrated either a contempt for the political process or an incompetence that borders on malfeasance.

Our state is in the very best of hands…..Haslam

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