The Democrat Lobbyist & the Democrat Bureaucrat behind the InsureGate Hit Job: Classic liberal hypocrites?

On Tuesday, RTP revealed some of the background of Laurie Lee, the person the Haslam administration selected to roll out personal health care finance information in an attempt to embarrass state legislators who opposed the Insure Tennessee Medicaid/Obamacare expansion scheme. In the last 48 hours, the Rocky Top Tipline ( has been inundated with people complaining that Laurie Lee is not just some faceless bureaucrat, but an unrepentant liberal who spews her ideology to anyone who will listen. And she apparently does so with the belief that she and her husband are untouchable and “beyond the reach” of the Legislature because the two of them have some sort of “special relationship” with the governor.

More than one tipster has told Rocky Top that Mrs. Lee is openly derisive of the Republican controlled legislature (where her husband makes his living) and that “only the governor can fire her” and is confident that will never happen.

But one informant has told Rocky Top that Laurie Lee herself is on the state health insurance program and that it is believed her husband, Democrat operative and lobbyist Tom Lee, is also on the program through his wife. If that is true, look for the Lee’s troubles to increase exponentially. Yeah, there’s nothing like a self-righteous liberal Democrat lobbyist waltzing into your legislative office to tell you what a mean-spirited S.O.B. you are for not voting to spend billions of taxpayer dollars to expand socialized medical coverage to the masses.

Funny, with all the liberal Democrat holdovers and others on the state payroll screeching and screaming about the legislature not wanting to expand socialized medicine at taxpayer expense, we have yet to see just one of them give up their state health insurance, even as a symbolic show of “solidarity” with the people.

The worst are the Democrat legislators themselves.  Almost to a person they are on the state health program.  Once they became aware of all those people they claim need taxpayer-subsidized health insurance were not going to get it, moral logic would seem to dictate that their liberal angst would require they  give up their own “subsidized” health insurance, if for no other reason than as a matter of principle.

[We will pause here to allow our readers to stop laughing and compose themselves.]

Sen. Jeff Yarbro

Sen. Jeff Yarbro

Yet amidst the faux outrage from smarmy pontificators like Jeff “Pajama Boy” Yarbro, not one of these classic liberal hypocrites has given up even one day of their health coverage.  So much for the moral high ground.

We’ll believe it’s a problem when the people telling us it’s a problem start ACTING like it’s a problem.  Until then, we should tell these dishonest, disingenuous hypocritical liberals and their allies in the news media where to stick it. Of course, if they actually do that, they might need to see a proctologist. But don’t worry, they’re covered.

They’ve got state health insurance.proctology 1

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