The Electric Kool Aid Acid Test (w/ apologies to Tom Wolfe)

He said. She said. And then Rocky Top says…

One of our loyal readers wrote a 400-word missive defending Casada during last week’s “emergency” kool aid manconference call. Since RTP did not eavesdrop on the phone call (hell, even anonymous, snarky, muckraking political hacks like ourselves have some scruples), we will leave it to others to debate the nuances. This tipster signed their email “Kool Aid.” Make of that what you will.

But in a one-time exception on this site, we will publicize “Kool Aid’s” opinion. Now don’t everybody else get all excited. This blog is not a debating society so don’t start sending us a bunch of commentary.  There’s a reason we disabled the “Comments” section, you know. You are entitled to your own opinion, but we don’t have to care what it is or amplify it with our thousands — yeah, that’s right – thousands of regular readers. Get your own blog if you don’t like the rules.

Do we think Kool Aid’s comments exonerate Casada’s tap-dancing? No we do not. Multiple legislative sources gave us the same story – that Glen had significantly cooled down his opposition from the day before and spent most of his comments parsing who was at fault and what the response should be. He says it was up to the governor to “meet in the middle” and for the governor to offer an “olive branch.” RTP heard that olive branches and middle meetings were indeed discussed, but in the context of Casada offering them up as a disingenuous “way out” for the governor instead of going to war with him (which of course, raises the question of just why was it the responsibility of the aggrieved party – the caucus in this case — to ask for, suggest or accept an olive branch? It’s this sort of lack of backbone that keeps conservatives on the back bench. But we digress…).

But “Kool Aid,” in the best spirit of the Rocky Top Tip Line (, saw fit to add some more juicy (alleged) insights to the conference call that we were not aware of and we applaud him/her for doing so and have decided to award him/her a forum (slightly edited, of course, to make us look smarter):

“Once it was Glen’s turn to talk, he once again echoed his distaste, arguing against the Speaker that both the Bredesen and Haslam administrations have been denying these exact same requests from the media for over a decade before they suddenly changed their minds this year. At that point, he did say it’s up to the Governor to meet the legislature in the middle on this issue and try to offer an “olive branch” if they’d like, but that it’s not the responsibility of the caucus to defend him on this.

“The Speaker insisted, in direct response to Glen’s comments, that instead of the caucus directing their anger at the Governor, they should be aiming it at the Tennessean instead for having requested the documents in the first place.

“The Speaker of the House literally insisted that members shouldn’t be mad at the Governor for actually authorizing the release, but should instead be upset with a liberal newspaper outlet because they are doing their job.”

Way to go, Kool Aid. Now that’s what we call good leaking. So if we have you straight, Harwell tried to shift the blame to the press and away from the governor. Classic.  And here we thought the 2018 betting on the Haslam backing had already shifted to Randy Boyd. Harwell doesn’t appear ready to give up kissing gubernatorial behind just yet.

Of course, RTP does not have any independent confirmation that “Kool Aid” is a legislator, a member of the public, a prison inmate or even Glen Casada himself. But we thought it was interesting enough to share with all of you.

Now let’s get out there and start developing some more tips for the crew here at ol’ Rocky Top.

Just don’t drink too much of that Kool Aid….

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