Okay, now we’re thinking you are just intentionally trying to hurt our feelings….

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Last week Rocky Top Politics broke the story about Ryan Haynes broken promise to resign his legislative seat. Just 12 hours later The InsureTennessean wrote the same story (sans the snarkiness), using the key elements from the RTP posting while adding a couple of quotes. But did The InsureTennessean give RTP credit as the obvious source of their article?

Hah. Fat chance.

No, The InsureTennessean was content to pretend their dwindling team of actual reporters dug the story up on their own. We are sadly not surprised.

But, hey, we are big boys & girls here at RTP and we are willing to turn the other cheek.  If the newspaper wants to label Rocky Top as “not a legitimate source” for Tennessee political information, Rocky Top is happy to apply the same label to The InsureTennessean.

We so look forward to The InsureTennessean’s next breaking political story. We will let them know just as soon as we write it.

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