Weasel Words

The new GOP state party chairman, Ryan Haynes, has put himself in a painful device of his own making. Haynes appears torn between doing what is expedient and doing what is personally and politically profitable. (Actually doing what he promised the state executive committee he would do does not appear to be part of his deliberations).

First Haynes said he would resign when he became chairman. After he was elected by the slimmest of margins, he changed his tune and said he might not resign for seven months. He said since this year’s legislative session is over, not having a representative would be no big deal for his constituents (of course he failed to note there are numerous important committee meetings between now and November).

Then he said he was concerned about keeping his seat for the Republicans in a special election. News Flash to Ryan: If in your first test as chairman, you fail to retain your own seat in one of the most Republican districts in the state, then we are going to have major problems with your leadership when it comes to winning more difficult seats.

weasel awardThen Haynes said that if he kept his legislative seat, he wouldn’t take legislative per diems (how noble!). When that stupid offer didn’t get the desired response, a party spokesman said Haynes could donate his legislative salary to charity or return it to the state. But Haynes himself has not yet made that public commitment.

Haynes next excuse was that he was concerned the special election would cost taxpayers a lot of money. Really? Then why didn’t he address that issue when he was running for chairma?. If you doubt Ryan’s sincerity on the whole “saving taxpayer money” thing, you are not alone. Just 5 days ago, it was revealed Haynes had to pay back thousands of dollars to the state when a TV station revealed he had double charged taxpayers for expenses.

Another day, another excuse for Ryan Haynes.

A little advice for our boy Ryan from his friends at RTP: Starting your chairmanship as a self-serving weasel is not helpful to your long-term success.

Do what you promised, Ryan.

Resign. Now.

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