“More Mush from the Wimp?”

haslam wishy washyA reference to the above infamous Boston Globe editorial headline from 1980 describing Jimmy Carter was the lead in a brutal editorial attack on Gov. Bill Haslam’s leadership abilities in today’s Chattanooga Times News Press.

It was so brutal that some have suspected the paper had contracted out the writing of the editorial to Rocky Top Politics. Not true, but we appreciate the sentiment.

Some excerpts:

“Our governor [has a] shyness toward any hint of forceful leadership.”

“The governor’s mild manners seem to be all he is left with…”

“It might be the governor is simply too reasonable, a bit over this head and not particularly well advised by the people around him.”

“Please, Governor.  Get yourself some steel-toed boots.”

Man, compared to this, it appears RTP has been too soft on Gov. Haslam. But despite the editorial plea for steel-toed boots, it’s little too late at this point to be trying to grow some cajones. Any attempt to strong-arm legislators is likely to backfire – bigtime.

Here’s a thought. How about if this governor starts trying to govern like the conservative he pretended to be during his campaigns? It is obvious his “governor as pastor” and his left of the legislative center philosophy ain’t working. That approach has led to the administration’s humiliating defeat on issues from Common Core standards to Insure Tennessee. And the governor seems to be surprised that a number of Republican legislators are still miffed about his attempt to defeat incumbent members of his own party while hiding behind a bogus PAC (Advance TN). Those elephants have got some long memories.

If the governor is perceived as a wimp, it is only because his actions and those of his henchmen have put him in the unenviable position of being compared to Jimmy Carter.

Steel-toed boots don’t work if everyone knows you’re wearing ballet slippers as socks.

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