Haynes considering breaking promise to step down.  Trying to rig election for a Haslam ally?

Double dipping the taxpayers?

The RTP tipsters are hard at work, and the latest leak is a doozy.

In a private conference call (yes, RTP is everywhere) of the TN GOP state executive committee on Monday, Haynes floated the idea that, on second thought, he may not step down until nearly seven months after he promised to do so.

It seems young Ryan is trying to delay his resignation — which was a major issue in his razor-thin victory in the GOP chairman’s race earlier this month — until November.  Haynes said in a confidential memo (below) such a move would save Knox county taxpayers $200,000 for a special election (how thoughtful of him). But Haynes left out a couple of other points.

For one, would Haynes be double dipping by collecting his legislative salary while also drawing a paycheck from the state party?  That could put thousands of extra dollars in his personal pocket (compliments of the taxpayers whose welfare he claims to be of such concern to him).

The second issue has to do with his possible successor.  By waiting until November to resign, the Knox County Commission would then be able to select a replacement for him who would serve until November of 2016, thereby denying the voters a direct say in who will represent them.  Wouldn’t want those nasty ol’ voters having a say in who represents them in the next session, now would we?  Already, at least one name has been floated as someone who is seeking the interim appointment, which would give that person a big head start on winning the seat in 2016.  This particular person is someone who would be a rubber stamp for Gov. Haslam.  It would be an extra vote for Obamacare/Medicaid expansion, a gas tax increase, etc.

This really stinks.  The very first thing Haynes appears to be trying to do as the new state party chairman is to manipulate the SEC and line his own pockets.

Re-vote anyone?



From: Ryan Haynes, TNGOP Chairman [mailto:Ryan=tngop.org@cmail2.com] On Behalf Of Ryan Haynes, TNGOP Chairman
Sent: Tuesday, April 28, 2015 10:35 AM
Subject: Recording of Yesterday’s TNGOP Conference Call

Dear SEC Members:I appreciate those of you who were able to hop on yesterday’s conference call to update everyone on everything we are doing here at the TNGOP.For those of you who were unable to join us, we have taped the information portion of the call for you to listen to at your convenience. It may be accessed at the link below:TNGOP Conference Call – April 27, 2015

Additionally, here is the outline of what was discussed.Statesmen’s Dinner

  • The event is going really well.
  • We’ve had a solid response thus far and, as is usually the case, we anticipate things to increasingly start picking up as we move closer to the event itself.
  • I’m personally excited about the event–it’s going to be great.
  • At the same time, as you attend meetings, please remind folks about the event details and encourage them to join us on Saturday, May 30th.

Red to the Roots Phase II

  • Additionally, we are looking ahead to next year on our operations side.
  • Beginning today, your county chairs should begin receiving letters letting them know we are planning a second phase of Red to the Roots.
  • There are already several judicial races that are going to take place to fill vacancies in 2016 and, at the same time, every county property assessor’s race will be up.
  • We’re going to send a follow-up letter to each chair reminding them of how to call for a primary and how to partner with us if they decide to do that.
  • We’re very excited about the prospects of getting even more local Republican leaders elected in 2016.
  • Additionally, to avoid the costs associated with holding a local primary, we have been in touch with the Supervisor of Elections office and we have confirmed that county parties may hold a primary at the same time as the Presidential Preference Primary and the cost to the county will be zero. This was a major hurdle for a handful of our counties in 2014 and we believe this will answer any of those concerns for 2016.

Financial Review

  • I also wanted to update you on the financial review that we’re undergoing.
  • We are currently in the “field stage” of the review.
  • This essentially means we are turning over the documentation related to contributions, disbursements, and record keeping over to the accounting firm.
  • I think all of us want to confirm the party is in good shape, that our accounting procedures are accurate, and that we are properly tracking the resources we are provided.
  • I should mention, if any of you are going to be Capitol Club members here in the first half of this year, I would ask that you turn in those contributions sooner rather than later so we can make those records part of what we turn over to the firm.
  • I’m looking forward to the results of the review and how we can improve on what we do and we will share those results with you once we have them back. There are a couple of phases to this but we should receive the results in the next few months.

District 14

  • That brings me to my final point and I really would appreciate your feedback on everything we’re discussing today but especially this.
  • I am currently working with the Governor’s legal counsel, Secretary Hargett’s office, and the Knox County election administrator’s office to determine the best time for me to step aside.
  • Politically, all of us want to make sure that seat remains in GOP control.
  • But philosophically, I think all of us are interested in minimizing the cost of that transition to taxpayers.
  • Essentially we are faced with two choices: I can resign as soon as possible, which will costs upwards of $200,000 to Knox County taxpayers or I can wait and resign in November of this year, meaning the seat will line up with next year’s regularly scheduled elections–bringing no additional costs to taxpayers.
  • I have made a commitment to all of you that I will step down. And I want to be sure to do that in a way that respects that commitment and causes the least amount of hardship to Tennessee taxpayers.

Please review and let me know what you think.

As always, I can be reached at the office (615-269-4260), on my cell phone (865-919-4094), or by email (Ryan@TNGOP.org).

Thank you for all you do for the Party,


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