Common Core advocates get their asses handed to them, declare victory.

defeat 7

Bless their hearts….

This is getting downright pitiful.

After spending millions of dollars and hiring every available out-of-work political hack to lobby for the Obama-style, socialist, education program called Common Core, the various front groups were humiliated when a couple of very conservative legislators (Rep. Bill Spivey and Sen. Mike Bell) passed legislation to “review and replace Common Core” as the standard for public schools in Tennessee.

We draw particular attention to the word “replace.”  That is a word the Common Core drones just can’t seem to wrap their heads around.  Instead they trot out ludicrous statements such as these:

“[The legislation] ensures the high standards Tennessee adopted will stay in place, at least for the next two years”

(It takes two years to roll in a new program, ya moron.)

And this one from Common Core supporter and Education Fuhrer Candace McQueen:

“We are gratified Tennessee decided to keep high standards.”

(Yeah, like anyone was ever in favor of lower standards).

They seem to think if they repeat such obvious claptrap enough times, maybe people will believe it.  Doubtful.

No, the bill does not keep existing (Common Core) standards past the necessary two-year transition period.  It is going to replace those standards.  What’s worse, the “stakeholders” like the Chamber, the Business Roundtable and Pearson have essentially been cut out of the process.  The 10 appointments the governor had to name the selection committee on the new Tennessee Standards have been reduced to just 4.  The anti-Common Core crowd (aka: the state legislature) has been given 6 of the 10 appointments.  But instead of facing reality, the Common Core movement tries to cheer:

“Hey, our team just fell behind 20 points.  We’re winning!!”

Oh, sure, there is an occasional rogue conservative “grassroots” group who tend to condemn anything they did not come up with who might say the bill is just a re-branding of Common Core, but such criticism by conservatives is rare to non-existent, not to mentioned uninformed and wrong.  The most conservative, anti-Common Core legislators drafted and passed this bill over the vociferous public condemnation and objections by SCORE and Jeremy Harrell’s soon-to-be-defunct front group (Tennesseans for Student Success).  You know you are on the right track with enemies like those.

We can understand why many politicians and bureaucrats caught with egg all over their face would try to spin this as something it is not, but they are making double fools of themselves with these lame and tortured explanations why they were cut out of the process and their precious Common Core standards were repudiated.  It was an expensive and humiliating lesson.  And there are a lot of big donors who are asking themselves just what all that money went for.  We are pretty sure it wasn’t to “replace” Common Core standards, but that is EXACTLY what happened.  Offering up Orwellian press releases that declare” up is down,” “right is left” and “day is night” are not going to work.

Nice try, losers.  Using your definition of “success,” we expect you will want to be the first to congratulate the Tennessee Titans on winning the Super Bowl last season.  Maybe you can get Gov. Charlie Brown (D-Oakdale) to invite the team up to the Capitol for a ceremony or something.

Pitiful.  Just pitiful.defeat 6

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