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With the end of every session, everyone rushes to produce a “Winners & Losers” list as a way of assessing the relative success or failure of various issues and politicians. But here at RTP, we have decided to dispense with the redundant and produce a different kind of list.

“Moron or Mensch?”

Okay Guys and Goyim, time to play that post-session game everyone is talking about.  “What’s that, you say? You’ve never heard of it?  If you don’t know the definition of the word “Mensch,” ask a Jewish friend.  If you do not know the definition of the word “Moron” then there is little hope you will understand the rest of this article.

For Tennessee Bible thumpers (both Old and New Testament) who are still ticked off that the book that was good enough to serve as the foundation for our entire nation was somehow not good enough to make it on our state’s favorite book list, this list is for you.

Today, it’s:


harrellJeremy Harrell – “Welcome to the Big Leagues, kid.”

Flush from demonstrating his brilliant political “strategery” capabilities by leading the governor to a win over a complete joke of an opponent, Jeremy “The Jerm” Harrell apparently thought he was ready to step into Tom Ingram’s shoes.

Not so fast there, Jerm.

In an attempt to ram through Common Core, the governor and Mark ‘Haters gonna hate” Cate came up with the brilliant idea to form and fund yet another pro-Common Core group. Since Jeremy was looking for work after the election, they chose him to head up Tennesseans for Student Success (an organization that consists primarily of a two-page website). The ink was barely dry on poor Jeremy’s business cards when Haslam and Hate Cate decided it was better to cut a deal with Rep. Billy Spivey (R-Epiphany) than to rely on Jeremy and his counterpart at SCORE, Jamie Woodson. Typically, the governor’s office forgot to copy Jeremy and Jamie on the memo, and the two organizations sallied forth and made knee-jerk asses of themselves by opposing the legislation in public.

We hear Jeremy is in line to head up InsureTN 3.

woodsonJamie Woodson – “The SCORE is a BORE”

What do you do with a phony mouthpiece organization with a multi-million dollar payroll when it outlives its usefulness? That’s the question facing the Frists, Bill Gates, Pitt Hyde, and other various radical Haslamists.

Like Jeremy Harrell, Woodson got caught by surprise when SCORE got thrown under the bus this session. You would think these people would learn, right?

Any chance for Common Core being instituted in our schools is declining quicker than the prospect for a Woodson for Governor campaign – and that’s a pretty damn fast decline.

harwellBeth Harwell – “Tap Dancing with the Stars.”

For a brief moment, RTP thought it detected a barely-noticeable shift in the Force. Speaker Harwell was talking to conservative legislators like human beings, even signing on to a couple of their bills. Was this the moment when, absent an epiphany of the Spivey variety, Beth would finally tack to the right, even if it was only to help prepare for a 2018 gubernatorial primary?


The moment of truth came when Harwell the Courageous was faced with the prospect of having to cast the deciding vote on legislation giving illegal aliens in-state tuition instead of them having to pay out-of-state fees (Note, the last time RTP checked, Mexico was out-of-state. Look for the citizens from other failed foreign states such as Kazakhstan, California and Alabama to petition for the same consideration).

Seconds before the debate and vote for the illegals tuition bill began, Harwell vacated the chair and left the podium in the hands of poor Speaker Pro-Ten Curtis “Who, me?” Johnson. When she returned after the vote was recorded she declared had she been there to do her job, she would have voted no. Good grief. Even when she had a chance to come down on the conservative side of an issue, she couldn’t even do that right.

RTP reported previously Harwell left the chamber during the entire debate and vote. We have now learned she did not leave the chamber, but instead hid out behind the wall behind the Speaker’s podium the entire time. Seriously.

Maybe she was looking for someone back there, but who? Randy Boyd? (Okay, now we’re just being paranoid….)

And the Winner of the Moron(s) of the Year Award goes to:

The Tennessean “How to sell your soul and your professional credibility to the highest bidder.”

That loud sound you heard during session was the big-spending, liberal ideologues’ heads exploding when the legislature decided not to pass Insure Tennessee. Never mind that it was nothing more than thinly-disguised key component to Obamacare. Never mind there was never an actual written plan. Never mind that a key provision was we would have to trust the federal government to keep its word. And try to ignore that the people spending big bucks to get it passed (the big hospitals) were the same people who were going to make a 900% return on every dollar they put into the program.

No, the fine socialists at The Tennessean decided that, by God, we are going to make those idiots take this money whether they want to or not and regardless of the fact that it would add hundreds of millions to the federal deficit. So in a fit of arrogance unusual even for the liberal media, the Tennessean then proceeded to run nearly one pro InsureTN article, editorial or columnist every day for a month. They even took the unprecedented action to run an editorial that took up nearly the entire front page of their Sunday edition. The Tennessean bellowed, stamped their feet, threatened, ridiculed and were rewarded with a second InsureTN defeat in one session.

But wait! What if their slavish devotion to creating yet another government entitlement program we cannot afford was just a ruse? What if this was some sort of guerrilla “re-branding” scam to boost their flagging readership and re-establish a modicum of influence? Were some of those billionaire bucks finding their way into the pockets of the Tennessean?

Our worst suspicions were confirmed when a RTP tipster leaked the new Tennessean masthead. This would explain everything:

LOGO edited

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