The Tennessean goes WAY back to justify InsureTN

war painting

According to the Tennessean, the guy on the right needs to be on InsureTN.

Damn that Continental Congress for not giving us the money.


The Tennessean’s over-the-top obsession with the legislature’s decision not to participate in Obamacare/Medicaid expansion (InsureTN) has reached a whole new level of absurdity. Their fixation on an issue that the state’s duly elected legislative body rejected twice in two months has now reached the “crazy-ex-girlfriend-keying-your-car” phase.

Their latest installment on InsureTN is just plain silly. In a story in this morning’s paper, they focus on what they claim are the effects of not having InsureTN on the health of a descendent of an early 19th century historical figure. We kid you not.

James Davy Crockett says he is a descendent of Davy Crockett. He is ill and he claims having InsureTN will make him better. We doubt that, but we wish Mr. Crockett well. But Mr. Crockett’s possible genetic link to the past is completely irrelevant to a 21st century debate on the best ways to deliver health care to Tennesseans.

So what’s next from the “Davy-on-the-spot” journalists at the Tennessean.  Here are some rumored upcoming hard-heating stories:

  • “Government’s failure to subsidize psoriasis research threatens the well-being of Nathan Bedford Forrest’s great-great-granddaughter.”
  • A four-part series on how the lack of government money (money the government does not actually have) for out-patient surgery for tennis elbow is ruining a life of happiness for Madame Curie’s great-great-whatever-grandniece who lives in Sneedville.
  • A Tennessean expose on how the healthcare system has failed the great-great-great-great-great-grandson of George Washington. Even though the Father of Our Country never actually fathered any children, we feel confident the Tennessean can invent some if doing so will promote InsureTN.

There is more than a little irony here that the Tennessean is using Davy Crockett to advance their agenda, because the historical Davy Crockett gave a famous speech in which he condemned the spending of people’s federal tax dollars for charity:

David Crockett Lobbyist for InsureTN

David Crockett
Lobbyist for InsureTN

“Money with [Congressmen] is nothing but trash when it is to come out of the people. But it is the one great thing for which most of them are striving, and many of them sacrifice honor, integrity, and justice to obtain it.”

Crockett specifically admonished Congress against the very type of spending (not to mention deficit spending) so beloved by the Tennessean.

Surely the Tennessean’s managers are not so desperate to reverse their falling circulation that they are now using a distorted depiction of someone with a famous name from 200 years ago to sell their ideological bias along with some newspapers.

Yep. That’s exactly what they are doing.

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