Woo-hoo! Haslam finally scores a win.

The last year has not been kind to the Haslamists and their fearless leader. After the governor’s ham-handed plan to raise a quarter of a million dollars (chump change to the wealthiest elected official in America) to defeat members of his own party (and came up with a net gain of zero seats for his legislative agenda), he followed that up with his Insure TN special session debacle. Then his idea for a gas tax got punted to next year. Later this week, despite his attempts to spin it as a positive, his cherished Common Core is likely to be dramatically revamped and shifted to true “Tennessee standards” after the guv and his cronies spent millions trying to foist the Obama-style education program on reluctant taxpayers. Then he tried to bring back Insure TN and was humiliated a second time.

So when the Haslam forces selected Rep. Ryan Haynes for state party chairman, they were finally rewarded with a demonstration of their awesome power and superiority.

Okay, okay, so Haynes only won by 3 votes. Let’s not quibble here. This is Haslam’s very own “Triumph of the Will,” if you will. After the bad year he has had, this a big effin’ deal (at least to the guv).

So let’s offer a big, hearty round of one hand clapping on his historic political victory.

Oh, and congrats to Ryan Haynes. After all this time he is finally fully employed.

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