A Walk(er)-off Homer

… or “Getting away Scott free”

Like a thief in the night, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker waltzed into the State Capitol last week and danced out with a huge number of state legislators endorsing his candidacy.

The Dean reported that 22 Republican legislators endorsed Walker on Thursday. But RTP’s indefatigable leakers say the number is now at 27 and growing. New recruits include Reps. Mike Carter, Eddie Smith, Debra Moody and Ryan Williams.

No word yet from the Bush, Jindal, Christy, Santorum, Huckabee, Cruz, Perry, Paul, Rubio, Graham, Kasitch, Trump or Carson campaigns. At last count, the combined total of Tennessee legislators who have publicly endorsed them is, well, zero.

Chip Saltsman, call your answering service. The Huckster wants to see you in his office first thing Monday.Saltsman

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