Challenge Accepted, Governor!

“The Republican governor told reporters on Thursday that the more often lawmakers take up his plan, the more chances his administration has to quell concerns about the proposal”

RTP and the taxpayers of Tennessee gladly accept Gov. Bill Haslam’s challenge.  Bogus, unscientific, loaded polling aside, the voters know an ObamaCare Trojan horse when they see one, and Insure TN is such a horse.

Despite (or maybe because of) his humiliating defeat during a special session on the issue, Haslam is like the dolt who keeps touching the hot stove and, having learned nothing from the pain of the experience, insists on touching it again and again.

Who knows?  Maybe we could make the consideration and defeat of Insure TN/ObamaCare expansion an annual festival like Mule Day, replete with rides, funnel cakes and games (“Come one, come all and take your best shot at the dunking machine.  As usual, the guest sitting in the dunking chair will be Gov. Bill Haslam!”).

muleAs they can tell you down in Columbia, mules can be stubborn asses.

So can governors.


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