Where’s Waldo?

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Channeling his inner Elvis, Ryan Haynes has left the building

 Leaves his constituents high and dry while he pursues his next political job.

And so it begins.

That certainly didn’t take long. Less than 48 hours ago, RTP had some pointed questions for the 29-year-old state rep who wants be state party chairman, Ryan Haynes.

One question was whether Haynes could do both at the same time and whether he would resign his current job before he took on another fulltime job as party chairman. Haynes’ constituents will be pleased to know that it took him less than 24 hours to abandon them. Tuesday arrived to find Haynes not at his desk in the legislature. Same thing on Wednesday — Haynes was AWOL. During the last two days, there were 125 pieces of legislation up for consideration in the two committees of which Haynes is a member. He missed every single discussion and every vote while he was presumably out campaigning for another job.

Haynes has reportedly turned over all the legislation he was carrying to Rep. Bill Dunn. Wonder if Dunn gets a cut of Haynes’ salary while he tries to do the job the voters hired Haynes to do?

Voters of the 14th district better get used to it. Haynes has plenty of ambition, for sure. But doing the job he was elected to do is obviously not at the top of his priority list.  The only way one of Haynes’ constituents will get a phone call returned from him is if the constituent is on the state executive committee.

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