You can’t spell “Crap” without AP.

crapRTP has uncovered the answer as to why AP reporter, Lucas Johnson, wrote a biased and misleading article about the Spivey/Bell legislation to repeal Common Core last week.  In the article, he extensively quoted SCORE spokesperson Teresa Wasson.  Wasson attempted to spin the committee vote and the legislation (which was very negative for SCORE), and did so so badly that Woodson & Co. had to rush out a clarification directly contradicting their own spokesperson.

Johnson, being the crack reporter from AP, didn’t even bother to interview the bill’s author, Spivey, who could have set him and Ms. Wasson straight.  Doing so would have required Johnson to leave his desk in the press room and walk about 15 feet directly across the hall to where the committee was meeting.

So how did this happen?  One could mark it up to just an incompetent reporter.  After all, this is the same yahoo who earlier this year, breathlessly and incorrectly reported that Sen. Delores Gresham had changed her mind and was now in favor of Common Core (she was not, nor had she ever been).

But through extensive, incisive and painstaking research by one of the RTP crew (she looked it up on Google — took about 30 seconds), we uncovered the real reason for Johnson’s Folly.   Immediately previous to her employment at SCORE, Ms. Wasson was a reporter for — wait for it — the Associated Press.

Ta-Da!  Johnson calls his former AP colleague to get the quote he undoubtedly knows she will give and that will fit the preordained narrative that both of them so desperately want to report.  The two AP buddies conspire to spin a pro-Common Core story out of a Common Core disaster while ignoring the key players.

No, no bias here. No MSM collusion either.  Move along, please.  Nothing to see ……

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