RTP outs SCORE on Common Core Repeal Bill. SCORE tries to Walk It Back.

Hate Common Core?  Want to get rid of it?  Then pay close attention to what S.C.O.R.E. says.

Then do the exact opposite.

Fresh from the embarrassment of their own spokesperson giving a live demonstration on how to talk out of one’s ass, SCORE moved to try and mitigate the damage.  At the center of the controversy is a bill offered by Rep. Billy Spivey and Sen. Mike Bell that would “replace Common Core” with a new set of standards developed by Tennessee educators.

As RTP reported on Thursday, SCORE’s spokesperson tried to put the best spin on SCORE’S humiliating exclusion from the negotiations during the drafting of the legislation, not to mention the unanimous vote in committee moving the bill forward. SCORE’s Teresa Wasson declared the bill wasn’t that bad, while claiming it “kept the Common Core standards,” when in fact it did just the opposite.  But after RTP called their bluff, SCORE head honchos immediately ran out the next day and said “Oh, No, No, No, No!  We know it sounded like our spokesperson was okay with the bill.  What she meant to say was that the Spivey bill is bad, bad, bad.  And we firmly oppose it!”

Gee, thanks for clearing that up.  We guess that’s what happens when you try to save face but end up showing your butt.

The fact is, Spivey’s bill strips the governor of over half of his appointments (giving the legislature 6 of the 10 appointments) to the new review panels who will develop the new Tennessee standards.  It also removes the state from the memorandums-of-understanding (MOUs) with other states and entities.  This is also an important concession by the governor, because the MOUs were designed to tie us to Common Core entities and tying our hands if we tried to use something other than Common Core. The MOUs were coordinated by the late, great Kevin “I voted for Obama” Huffman.  Doing away with the MOUs makes it easier for Tennessee to go its own way.

Even a few conservative activists got momentarily caught up in the confusion of the mangled AP stories and started criticizing Spivey’s bill as some sort of sell out.  But a quick reality check (and a more thorough reading of the bill) appears to have quelled that talk.

Kiffin EditedWhat’s next?  SCORE claiming they have no ties to Bill Frist or Bill Gates? Or, “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor?”  How about, “Lane Kiffin was actually good for Tennessee football?”  Sheesh.

We await SCORE’s next utterance with breathless anticipation accompanied by a large dose of skepticism.



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