Crank up the Hearse: Frank Cagle delivers eulogy for Common Core

Common Core is on its last legs in Tennessee. Who, oh who, could have possibly seen this coming? Try here, here, (scroll to bottom), and here.

Loyal readers of RTP have long known Common Core was a bad/dumb idea, promoted by millions of dollars from Bill Gates and the Frist Family. The original diagnosis of its impeding demise came almost exactly one year ago, when conservative House Republicans staged a revolt over Common Core on the floor of the House, much to the surprise and embarrassment of Leadership and the Guv. Four days later, Rocky Top Politics was born and the LP hasn’t been the same since.

But it takes time and a lot of wasted tax dollars to bring the ship about. Jamie Woodson has been knocking down $325,000+ in salary at S.C.O.R.E. and has hired an entire staff of overpaid, underqualified sycophants who gather each day to chant the Common Core mantra in the hopes it will improve its chances of success. Meanwhile, conservative Republicans in the General Assembly have been systematically taking Common Core apart piece-by-piece and now stand on the verge of replacing it entirely with standards and curriculum designed and approved by Tennesseans – which is what should have happened in the first place.

But now no less personage than Cagle the Curmudgeon Columnist has stood to offer a benediction so that everyone can get to the church hall for casseroles and post-mortems.

It’s a pity the proponents of Common Core decided to drink the Kool-Aid, lock arms and march in lockstep. It produced the attitude that the education standards were perfect and anyone who suggested improvements or changes was anti-education or some sort of Neanderthal.

They lost some of their natural allies, like some teachers and superintendents, who had concerns that were ignored. The Common Core group — the business community, Gov. Bill Haslam and groups like SCORE — mishandled it badly. I have never seen so much talent and money squandered for so little result. It was a monumental failure and I don’t believe they understand to this day how badly they blew it.

You spend $200,000 on a lobbyist and then get ambushed on the House floor, losing with 80-some-odd votes against you, and you didn’t see it coming? It was the most dramatic example of the ineptness of the effort.

Yep. Just like RTP has been telling folks for a year now. But we’re always glad to get some affirmation, even from Frank.

Now let’s bury that sucker.funeral

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