No Ifs, Ands or Butts…

Let’s see if we got this straight:

sheila buttRep. Sheila Butt, voicing frustration at the number of whiny, demanding special interest groups demanding special attention for their complaint du jour, says on a Facebook posting that she thinks it’s time for somebody to form the NAAWP without bothering to say what that acronym might stand for.

Apparently that’s all it took for the Black Caucus (Tennessee’s most irrelevant and ineffective political organization) to start screaming for Butt’s resignation from her leadership position. Keep in mind the Black Caucus demanded this – not for anything the Butt actually said – but what they decided they thought she meant.   They claimed the “WP” in the NAAWP stood for “White People.” Rep. Butt never said that, and later said it stood for “Western Peoples,” which considering the context of the discussions, is very plausible.

Never a group to recognize irony when it hits them square in the ass, the Black Caucus failed to mention that its own revered organization, the NAACP, stands for the National Association for the Advancement of COLORED People. These days the term “Colored” is considered a racist slur by the perpetually offended politically correct left (Don’t believe us? Try yelling “Kanye West is a COLORED man!” at one of his concerts and see if you can make it to an exit without getting the hell beat out of you). So the Black Caucus is apparently more demonstrably guilty of condoning a racist term (“Colored”) than the fictional narrative they created for Sheila Butt.

Some would say that makes the Black Caucus a bunch of racists. We believe it is more charitable say their ridiculous political correctness makes them a bunch of hypocritical morons.

Take CAIR you don’t offend the Islamists, Sheila

But even more absurd than the Black Caucus’ faux outrage was the knee-jerk reaction of CAIR. “CAIR” — using the approved Black Caucus standards for acronym interpretation — apparently stands for “Crazy-Assed Islamist Revolutionaries.”

CAIR didn’t just dislike the NAAWP, they didn’t even like the term “Western Peoples.”silence

You ever notice how we seem to only hear from these idiots whenever it’s a Republican, conservative, pro-Israel or Christian group that offends their delicate sensibilities? We searched the Tennessee news database and we found practically no equivalent outrage or press releases from CAIR regarding the beheading of women and children, slavery, female mutilation or the systemic targeting and murder of non-Muslims by their Islamic brethren. Oh, and did the media report that CAIR was declared an un-indicted co-conspirator by the feds for assistance to the Hamas terrorists?  Of course not,  Tennesseans are not in the habit of lectures on racism from organizations with ties to terrorists.

To all these professionally offended racist groups, RTP respectfully says “up yours.” We have long since lost patience for hypocritical, anti-American agendas. And shame on the media for repeating the drivel of a terrorist-affiliated organization without bothering to note their past.

And to Rep. Sheila Butt, we say “thank you” for helping reveal the sheer stupidity that passes for political thought these days. Keep it up.

[Editor’s note: Despite what you may have heard from the Black Caucus or CAIR. the acronym RTP does not stand for “Redneck Tea Party.” Associating RTP with red necks or the Tea Party would be an insult.  To them.]

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