What the Hell is Harry doing?

RTP team has long had our problems with Rep. Harry Brooks. Known for his slavish support of Common Core and his high-handed arrogance in making sure opposing viewpoints never see the light of day in his committee, Brooks has reached an astonishing new low.

As we write this, our RTP contributor is sitting in the committee hearing room, watching in amazement while Brooks has given the floor to the very founder of Common Core, Marc Tucker. It was just two days ago that RTP stripped away the façade of this unrepentant socialist who served as one of Hillary Clinton’s closest advisors on education policy. That policy included a collectivist – yes, communist – approach to treating students and teachers as commodities, ruled by state bureaucrats, as they dumbed down education outcomes based on the socialist theory that every child who goes through the public education meat grinder comes out the end as smart – and as dumb – as every other kid.  Yeah, the China model produces more engineers.  It also “sorts out” children to not only make new engineers, but to also produce many more slave laborers for the collectivist state.  Oh, and if you disagree with the China/Tucker model, you can be shot.  Yeah, try that approach in Cocke County and see who gets shot.

Brooks’ pimping of Tucker’s book, which holds the communist China model as the model for the future of U.S. education, and providing him a sole platform four spewing his collectivist claptrap is a complete an total outrage.  For a “Republican” to do it is beyond the plae.  What’s next for Harry?  Maybe the next committee meeting he can provide a forum on how best to desecrate the American flag.  Free speech and all that, you know.

Harry Brooks should be ashamed, but he left the very concept of “shame” years ago. He opened his introduction of Tucker by noting he, Brooks, was a graduate from a Baptist school (Carson-Newman). Then he had the gall to say that Tucker had graduated from Brown University which Brooks said was also a Baptist school. Harry must think we are all idiots. Brown is one of the bastions of socialist left-wing thought. To claim it is a “Baptist” school like Carson-Newman is laughable and ridiculous. I bet your pastor would resent the comparison, Harry. Why don’t you ask him?

Wonder what the folks at Carson-Newman (Harry’s alma mater) would think of him fronting for the same Red Chinese that used to regularly murder Baptist missionaries? Harry, you can’t make a big enough contribution to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering to save your soul on this one.

You are despicable.

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