Random live notes from the Education Committee Manifesto speech

Brooks: “This isn’t made up.  This is real research.”   Yep.  Real research by the infamous author of the “Dear Hillary” letter.

Tucker just said that “local control” of schools is no longer a a viable option.  Hey, Harry.  Did it ever occur to you that “local control” is the exact opposite of Chinese central planning?

Tucker just compared the U.S. to Finland.  How many black kids live in Finland?  Socialist countries make their under-performing children “disappear” into the subsistence jobs.  Thank God we have a higher standard.  At least we try.

Note to Mark White:  The rest of the state would look great if we could just make Memphis City Schools “disappear” into factory gulags like the Chinese do.  That’s what Tucker is advocating.  That what you want, Mark White?

John DeBerry just said he was impressed with the “old fashioned values” demonstrated by the Chinese style systems.  He complimented them for “getting families involved.”  Uh, John, that would be the same families who are only allowed one child per family.


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