Ah, yes. The Ol’ “Bait and Switch”






It seemed like only a couple of weeks ago that the lobbyists for Ticket Master were peddling a rather odious, one-sided piece of legislation that would benefit their clients at the expense of StubHub/EBay. But after a quick round-robin through the halls of LP, it seemed that what they were selling wasn’t exactly being greeted with enthusiasm among the pols. They couldn’t even get their previous House sponsor, Ryan Haynes, to go along with their latest incarnation.

Fast forward to the present day. Now the TicketMaster/Live Nation folks got their lobbyists to introduce a sort of watered down caption bill that didn’t look anything like their earlier effort. Of course, there is nothing to keep them from doing the old switcheroo once into committee that could revive their first effort. All this after the butt-whippin’ they received two years ago in a similar effort.

[Editor’s note: It ain’t like the ticket scalpers on either side have completely clean hands, but the efforts of Ticket Master/LiveNation are particularly egregious and ill-conceived. Read on to discover why…]

So just who are these crack lobbyists hired by Ticket Master to work the same magic that previously got their asses handed to them on the same subject? None other than Tom Lee (Democrat) and Debra Maggart (disgraced Republican). Those of you paying attention will remember Miss Debbie as the member of GOP leadership that went down in flames while running through thousands in caucus campaign money in the process.

LiveNation, of course, is the A-list of the entertainment elite – usually found in their humble little Malibu mansions or their Park Ave. penthouses eating Brie and swilling Chablis with their fellow liberals. But every now and then they will hire people to venture forth to do battle for them in red state fly-over country (like the Volunteer state). That’s what makes their selection of lobbyists/warriors so amusing.

Here’s a little secret we bet the “in” crowd in LA doesn’t know about. Back in 2006, Maggart declared that some homosexuals adopt kids so they can “subject them to a lifetime of molestation and sexual abuse.”


RTP does not give two hoots and a holler about the political gay community nor their unrelenting efforts to undermine the sanctity of marriage, yada, yada, yada. Hell, every contributor here at RTP has gay friends, but that doesn’t mean we have to climb into bed with their political agenda. Even so, we think the former Rep. Maggart has wandered a little too far into the crazy patch with her accusations.

The ironic/delicious/amusing aspects of all this is not one’s sexual preferences, but the sheer stupidity of the left-wing entertainment industry hiring someone who is a complete anathema to their cherished liberal ideals. Just wait until they find out they are paying someone they would brand a homophobe to represent them in their legislative effort. What’s next? David Fowler lobbying for Planned Parenthood? (Yeah, like that would ever happen).

Maggart had better hope this info does not leak out.

Whoops! It just did.

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