Cabin Fever.

ice storm

So the RTP crew is iced-in like everyone else this week (except for the crew member who got “stuck” in Santa Rosa Beach, the bastard) and we are beginning to get a little stir crazy.

But there hasn’t been that much to report on, other than “Epiphanies” and s fascination with things can explode when you shoot them. Everything seems shut down.

Don’t believe it for a second.

Underlying all this seeming calm are some potent undercurrents that threaten to roil the legislature this session and beyond. There are seething ambitions to be the next governor (now that our current governor has made himself something of a four-year lame duck with his ill-conceived InsureTN debacle).

Also, the leadership, sensing a demographic and ideological sea change lapping at its door, is intent on giving the session the bum’s rush in an effort to get out of town before the other shoe(s) drop. Leadership seems to be channeling their inner “Jimmy Naifeh and the Bitter Clingers” who tried every dirty trick in the book to hang on to power after it became apparent the Republicans had arrived and were already rearranging the furniture. In fact most of the senior leadership and committee chairs are the last vestiges of the Naifeh era, many having learned their politics at the invitation-only 5 o’clock drinking sessions in Jimmy’s office (ask Mike Harrison, he was a regular).

In the days ahead, RTP will explore some of these phenomena and bring you our unbiased analysis.

Should be fun. At least for some people.


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