So what’s wrong with Forgety’s bill?


Rep. John Forgety has introduced legislation (HB0003) that the sponsor claims will “get rid of Common Core.” But is that true? RTP offers our analysis:

HB0003 will not get rid of Common Core. In fact, just the opposite is true. The bill will effectively institutionalize Common Core by running it through a process that will be dominated by Common Core advocates. The end result will be a program almost identical to Common Core, just with a different name.

With this bill, the Legislature will turn over complete control to an appointed board dominated by Common Core advocates, who will then appoint additional panels that will be predictably dominated by Common Core supporters. The only thing involving legislators after that will be for them to receive a “report” after everything has been decided.

The bill will grant total authority to the state Board of Education for selecting those who will determine the new standards. And who appoints the members of the BOE? The indisputable #1 cheerleader for Common Core – Governor Haslam. Conveniently, the governor has already  populated the Board with all Common Core supporters, save one or two members. (RTP will soon profile the BOE members in a future post. You will be surprised at some of the appointees).

Under such a process, it would be difficult to imagine an end product that is not a version of Common Core under a different name (Tennessee standards).

A vote for Forgety’s bill in its current form can (and will) be interpreted as a “Trojan Horse” vote for Common Core.

Count on it.

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