Hey Gang! Let’s all do the “Superintendent Shuffle!”

Also known as the Chuck Cagle “Common Core Cash Cow Conga Line.”

cash-cowSo the Tennessee Organization of School Superintendents (TOSS) is just hunky-dory with the status quo on current standards (also known as Common Core). They even sent a lengthy letter to the legislature saying so.

But what was missing was the real story and the real reason they sent their letter.

It seems the Supers left out the little fact that their organization’s lobbyist is one Chuck Cagle. (For new readers of RTP wanting more info on “Conflict Chuck,” we suggest you go to the search box on this page and type in “Chuck”, “Cash Cow,” “Conflict-of-interest,” or “Cagle”.  “Butthead” might also work). In fact, it is reputed that when TOSS meets, they meet in Chuckles’ law office. Cozy, eh?Businessman Throwing his Money Around

They also omitted who might be making money on the status quo. One of those who stand to profit from Common Core is Pearson. And who has been the lobbyist for Pearson for the last five years? Whose wife, until recently, worked for Pearson for years selling Common Core textbooks to Tennessee superintendents?  If you guessed Chuck Cagle, you win a free ticket to hear Ron Lollar’s next Q&A.

One more important thing. Where does TOSS get the money to pay Chuck all that dough? Each superintendent pays $6,000 per year to be in TOSS (who then hires Chuck). And where do the superintendents get the money? Why from their school budgets. And where, pray tell, do the school systems get the money?

(Wait for it…………)

From the Taxpayers!

Any questions?




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