Man, was RTP ahead of the curve, or what?

Check out this golden oldie from the Rocky Top Politics archives.  Wa-a-a-y back on March 22 (in our very first week), RTP posted this little gem predicting the Medicaid/Obamacare expansion fight:

After much pressure from Tea Party types, the Governor finally opted out of the Obamacare HealthCare Exchanges. Now about that whole Medicaid expansion thingy…

Then just a few weeks later, in May 2014, Rocky Top gave a preview to how the fight would be conducted:

Hospital Chain CEO Encourages Legislators to Lie

Needless to say, the comments from the CEO were remarkably prophetic regarding the eventual demise of InsureTN.  But more importantly, it revealed the deceitful mind-set that led to so many misleading claims and outright untruths to be peddled by industry hacks and the administration.  Their strategy from the outset was to try and browbeat and fool the legislature.  It didn’t work, but it should serve as an object lesson to legislators on how to deal with this governor when the next big issue comes before them.

Can you say Common Core?

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