Winners and Losers in Obamacare Special Session


TODAY: The Winners

THURSDAY: The Losers

Well that didn’t take long.  After months of “negotiating” and trying to persuade the legislature to expand the Obamacare/Medicaid program, the legislature slammed the door and told the Governor and the federal government not just No , but Hell, No.

RTP offers a handy easy-to-use guide as to who were the winners in this drama and who were the ones that had their ass handed to them.  Enjoy.

1. Taxpayers of Tennessee.
Despite the Governor’s oft repeated promise that his scheme wouldn’t cost Tennesseans a penny, few believed him. The fact that Obama made the same sort of promises when he created Obamacare didn’t help the Governor. Nor did the fact that other states, like Ohio and Arkansas, are facing massive cost overruns with their own Obamacare expansions. For once, the “free money” pitch wasn’t believable…because it wasn’t true! So count “truth” as a winner, too.

2. Durham and Kelsey.
Representative Jeremy Durham and Senator Bryan Kelsey stepped out early in opposing the plan and never let up.  Durham and Kelsey have the reputation of sometimes being a bit brash, but in this case “brash” trumped Bill.  Senator Mark Norris also gets at least hat tip for telling the Governor no on sponsoring the bill in the Senate. Ambitious legislators should learn an important lesson: hiding in the weeds on important issues is not a dependable path to higher office. (Like Cong. Marsha Blackburn and her fight against the income tax).

3. Conservatives in the House.

Long suspected of being the largest faction in the House GOP caucus, conservatives scored big in their principled opposition to InsureTN. With this win at their back, look for more activism on their part. God help the leadership and the establishment if the rabble ever get organized and simply exercise the power of their numbers.

There have been consistent rumors that Haslam might go “full Obama” and force expansion through executive order after the session ends. If that were to happen, look for a complete revolt – led by the rabble.

4. AFP and Andy Ogles.

Radio ads, direct mail and grassroots activism beat the vested interests of the governor’s allies, who spent far more money on the same weapons. AFP’s disciplined approach and message beat the governor’s demagoguery and deceit. AFP did a great job to insure the administration was not able to separate Haslam’s Obamacare from Obama’s Obamacare. If they can keep up the level of activity they demonstrated in this fight, Ogles and his team will be a force to reckon with on every important battle this session and beyond. Just ask Kevin Brooks.

5. Tom Ingram.

Once our readers collect their wits, they undoubtedly will ask: How is Ingram a winner?  Let us answer that with another question: Did anyone see Ingram anywhere near this issue? Heck, when was the last time someone has even seen Tom?  True to form, Tom was collecting his checks yet was nowhere to be found at the scene of the accident – a singular talent that he displays whenever a train wreck is about to occur. Word is, he even had his regular table at Jimmy Kelly’s moved to the back of the kitchen until the crisis had passed. Little did Haslam know that he when paid Ingram under the table that Tom would actually be hiding under the table.

Also Winners:

Talk radio such as Joe Carr, Ralph Bristol, etc. as well as the Tea Parties. News of their demise was greatly exaggerated.

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