**B.S. Alert!** Administration has “no comment” on the $15 million additional Insure TN costs

This just in from the Tennessean:

“A new report from a state financial expert says Gov. Bill Haslam’s controversial Insure Tennessee health plan will cost more than $15 million annually to administer, and it’s impossible to definitively determine the potential economic benefits of the plan.

“The estimated fiscal impact to commerce in the state as a result of the proposed legislation cannot be reasonably determined due to a number of unknown factors,” wrote Jeff Spalding, new executive director of the Tennessee Fiscal Review Committee.”

“Haslam has repeatedly said the plan wont cost Tennessee any extra money.”

“Haslam spokesman David Smith did not respond to a request for comment.”

To be precise, Haslam has said his InsureTN plan “won’t cost Tennessee taxpayers one dime.” Aside from the obvious misleading nature of that statement (it will cost Tennessee taxpayers billions of dollars in federal tax money), $15 million is a lot of dimes, Governor.

If by now  you don’t have enough information to vote “No” on this dog, then you’re just not paying attention.

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