Anyone want to be a Sophomore?


In a cruel twist of fate, the bright and smiling faces of this year’s GOP class of freshmen members of the House and Senate are being asked, with their very first vote, to jeopardize their entire fledgling career as a representative.

The governor’s maladroit handling of the negotiations, the “verbal deal,” and the ham-handed statewide roadshow has led the GOP freshmen like lambs to the slaughter.

And for what? An ill-conceived expansion of Obamacare in a state that gave Obama about 35% of the vote?

HazelwoodFor example, we hear that Rep. Patsy Hazelwood is leaning to a “yes” vote.  How did Obama do in your district, Patsy?  Did he get  24%? 28%?  Given any thought on how you are going to explain to the folks on Signal Mt. or in Soddy-Daisy that your very first vote was for expanding Obamacare with their tax dollars?  Thanks to Bill Haslam, if you vote for InsureTN your next opponent will make sure Barack will be your running mate in the next election.

All of you seem like real nice people. We would like to get to know you better. But if you vote to expand the very Obamacare you ran against during the election, we may never get the chance.

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