If I only had a brain…



The columnist for the liberal Tennessean, Frank Daniels the Third, has had many lucid moments. But his column yesterday on InsureTN isn’t one of those moments.

After meandering around the issue for most of his column, he finally delivers a cogent declaration:

“I still don’t understand why defeating Obamacare, or marginal, if any, reductions in federal deficits are rational reasons to quash the InsureTN solution.”

We suppose the fact that most opposition to Obamacare is predicated on the belief that it is a monumental governmental bureaucratic mess that has harmed the health care system in this country, is opposed by the large majority of the people and has/will drive up the deficit is too much for Frank the Third to absorb.

So here’s a thought that will probably blow Frank’s mind:

The little ol’ Tennessee legislature has the rare opportunity to directly affect the federal budget with this vote. If they reject the governor’s plan, it will mean billions of dollars donated by the taxpayers of Tennessee and elsewhere will not be spent on this abomination. The libs in the media would undoubtedly regard such a position as utter madness.

So let’s take the madness a step further. We should tell our representatives in Congress that not only do we not want the money, but we want the savings to be applied directly to reducing the national debt. The insanity! What’s next – demanding the feds balance their budget like we have to do here in Tennessee every year? Where will all this conservative radicalism end!?

Next time Frank the Third deigns to pen a column, maybe he should remove his liberal blinders and look at it from the perspective of the clear majority of the people of Tennessee.

Now THAT would be radical.

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