We’ll burn that bridge when we come to it.



OMG! There IS a tape recording?

When last we left you at the crossroads of Insure TN, Rocky Top Politics said wouldn’t it something if someone taped Transportation Commissioner John “Ehrlichman” Schroer* threatening legislators with withholding transportation tax dollars to those who didn’t fall in line and support Gov. Haslam’s Obamacare expansion plan.

Reliable sources have generously tipped off the Rocky Toppers with the game-changing claim that at least one tape of John-Boy delivering said alleged threats DOES exist and is in the hands of at least one interested party.

Now before Schroer or the Guv get their panties all in a wad, we would like to point out that this is an unconfirmed rumor. But this info comes from darn good sources that have been 100% reliable in the past, so we have no reason to doubt them now. We are not now privy to the content of the tape (but give us time).

The other big question is what will the affected legislator(s) do with the tap? Will they use it to bring down Insure TN — or will they hold it as a trump card for later, more private negotiations? Knowing the strong self-preservation instincts of most elected officials, we are betting on the latter.

But who knows? If the tape leaks out in the next week, it might just be enough to kiss Insure TN, not to mention Schroer, good-bye. Yep, this could be an actual “smoking gun.” John-Boy better hope he has a carry permit for that sort of thing. Curry Todd can tell him where to get one.


*Look it up, you Millennial slackers. Just Google “WATERGATE” and “EHRLICHMAN.”ehrlichman 2

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