AG confirms the obvious: “Insure TN” IS Obamacare


Hidden deep in his opinion proffered in response to a series of questions posed by Sen. Randy McNally, Attorney General Herbert Slattery unintentionally contradicted his old boss and friend, Gov. Bill Haslam.

Right there on page 5, paragraph 3, Slattery confirmed what Gov. Haslam has been criss-crossing the state denying:  Medicaid expansion as that proposed in Insure TN is, in fact — Obamacare.  The authority to create Insure TN is authorized and paid for by the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and is administered under the rules as laid down by the ACA (Obamacare).

This from the Associated Press:

The opinion clearly notes the plan expands coverage through the Affordable Care Act; Haslam continues to meet with lawmakers every day this week in attempts to convince them his plan is not “Obamacare.”

Did you hear that, Governor?  Insure Tennessee IS Obamacare.

REPEAT:  Insure Tennessee IS Obamacare.

You can deny it all you want Bill, but what you are telling legislators and the people of Tennessee is just not true.

The governor claimed opponents to Obamacare expansion were throwing out “red herrings.”  Governor, you are going to need a bigger boat to haul all those red herrings you yourself have thrown out and that are now being returned to your doorstep.  And they are beginning to really smell.

Just ask Herbert.

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