President ObamaBill?

Undertaker 2Tom Ingram – Undertaker to failed presidential candidates.

With all the spurious speculation about Haslam’s future beyond the governor’s chair (including Senate, Vice President, or even –gasp! — President), the news media seems to have missed a rather glaring common thread: Tom Ingram.

First to crash was White House hopeful Lamar Alexander in 1996, who never made it out of a primary with anything better than third place, and again in 2000, when he didn’t last longer than six months and never made it past the Iowa Straw Poll. The mastermind behind these two attempts – Tom Ingram. Then came Jon Huntsman in 2012, a light-weight left-of-conservative billionaire governor (sound familiar?) who never made it past the New Hampshire primary. Both of these presidential flame-outs relied on Tom Ingram as their primary consultant for guiding them down the wrong road to the White House.

More recently, the hyping of Bill Haslam’s upward mobility capability has been dutifully reported by lazy (or complicit) MSM reporters who have rarely seen an Ingram story plant that they didn’t swallow in one bite.  If history as any guide, the one thing we will not have to worry about is a President Haslam — not if Ingram is running the campaign.

But as good as Tom is at peddling spurious memes designed to boost his clients egos (and to justify their paying him large sums of money), we doubt that even Ingram was good enough to engineer this photo op:

President Obama

President Haslam

Notice the Presidential seal on the podium.  Maybe Bill was taking it for a test drive.  Looks like a dress rehearsal for the swearing in for the Inauguration of 2017.


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