Ramsey fires a warning shot

1349804867-ramseyFor those who know Ron Ramsey, it is clear that when it comes to political maneuvering and positioning, he is playing chess while most others are playing checkers. In contrast, the governor seems to be playing Candyland to promote his ObamaCare expansion plan.

If the governor has stopped gushing over his Friday lovefest with Obama, he should take a moment to read Ramsey’s comments about his PDA moment with the president on Friday:

Ramsey also suggested Obama’s Knoxville appearance might caused problems for Gov. Bill Haslam’s “Insure Tennessee” Medicaid expansion plan.

“Barack Obama has like a 32 percent approval rating in the state of Tennessee, and he and the governor are going to be on every (state) newspaper,” Ramsey said. “That doesn’t help perception, and in politics perception is reality.”

Ramsey’s comment was neither gratuitous nor accidental. It clearly provides those legislators wanting to oppose the Medicaid/Obamacare expansion scheme an opening to oppose the governor.

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