Billy & Barry – “2 gether 4 ever”

Bill and Barry

“No tongues, Bill ….”

Ah, love is in the air. So is the cold & flu season. To help stop the spread of nasty germs one would hope Gov. Bill Haslam can resist his rather obvious desire to kiss Barack Obama during his visit here in Knoxville today. He could settle for holding hands, but only if he uses a sanitizer.

What is it with this guy? He runs as a Republican but then proceeds to try to foist one Obama-backed big-government program after another on Tennessee taxpayers (ObamaCore/Common Core, ObamaCare/Medicaid expansion, increasing gas taxes, AWOL on opposing Obama immigration orders, etc., etc.).

And now Haslam is trying for his own “Chris Christie” moment and get a picture hugging Obama? One wonders why the governor of a conservative Republican state feels the need to suck up to the left-wing Christie and Obamapolicies of an unpopular failed president. Maybe he is really a liberal at heart. Maybe he’s looking to curry favor with the Obama Justice Dept. for family reasons. Who knows?

Is there a doctor in the house? We are going to need one if we ever hope to remove Haslam’s lips from Obama’s derrier.

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