The Jackson Sun’s Circular Firing Squad


In a hilarious post on the Tennessee News Leader website, the Jackson Sun gets exposed by their own “expose.”

While trying to bitch & moan about how Jackson lost out on a company’s deciding to locate in (gasp!) Mississippi instead of Jackson, the Sun whined that the decision was due to “clawback” demands from the state. (“Clawback” means you do what you say you will do, or you don’t get taxpayer money as incentives for locating in a state).

Problem is, legislation authorizing those clawback provisions was sponsored by a Jackson “favorite son” — Sen. Lowe Finney.  Finney is now running for mayor of Jackson and is proudly bragging about having created the clawback provisions the Jackson Sun is now complaining about.

RTP can’t wait until the Sun’s endorsement in the mayor’s race.

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