Cagle’s Cash Cow gets hit by a truck

"Oh, Chuck!  Someone from Bradley County with an early Christmas present for you!"

“Oh, Chuck! Someone from Bradley County with an early Christmas present for you!”

Looks like coal in the stocking of quadruple-dipping lobbyist, Chuck Cagle. Loyal readers of RTP will remember the special reports from last spring that blew the cover off Chuckles’ little scam of lobbying for school superintendents as well as Pearson (while his wife was working for Pearson and trying to sell their books to the same school districts in Tennessee). But perhaps the most lucrative cash flow cow was “Conflict-of-interest-Chuck’s” legal work on behalf of the county school districts themselves.

Word out of the Bradley County school board this afternoon is that ChuckBusinessman Throwing his Money Around Cagle and his law firm have been fired. Let go. Kicked to the curb. Eighty-sixed. Given the boot. The old heave-ho. RTP sources tell us the entire thing took about three minutes. Someone tried to get a one-month reprieve for Chuck, but that was quickly brushed aside. The termination was immediate.

Our sources also tell us much of the board’s displeasure came from Cagles’s multiple conflicts. Allegedly, they were upset with Cagle’s position on the board of S.C.O.R.E. – the folks who are trying to shove Common Core down the throats of Tennessee teachers, taxpayers and students. Cagle was seen by some as a key ally for the late, hated state education commissioner Kevin “I voted for Obama” Huffman. Now Huffman is gone, and in Bradley County, so is Cagle.kevin-and-obama-edit-2

“But it’s just one county” some will say. Yeah, but these things often have a domino effect. There were many school districts who were afraid to challenge Cagle’s near monopoly on education law. Now that Bradley County fired the first shot, look for Cagle to start ducking and weaving like a deer that wandered onto a firing range.

Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. People say Cagle has strutted around the LP for years, glorying in his domain, sneering at his opponents and generally acting like a pretentious prick.

And to all this we just say:

“Moo.”         cash-cow

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