***ALERT*** Last minute bylaws changes on tomorrow’s vote? Why?

RTP has learned there will be an attempt to change the bylaws to allow the reporting of votes totals for each candidate following the balloting tomorrow.  Some say it is an attempt to embarrass Womick if he doesn’t win or make what they consider a good showing.  That’s possible.

Bigger question is why now? Why didn’t Harwell want to make the votes public when she defeated Casada for Speaker four years ago?  Casada and others have claimed privately for years that he only lost by one vote.  Such a showing, if made public and if true, would have made Harwell vulnerable to a challenge two years ago.

Here’s a modest proposal from the gang at RTP.  If you are going to change the rules, Beth, then why not make them retroactive to four years ago when it is said you escaped defeat by the skin of your teeth?

Here’s another proposal.  Allow a representative of each candidate into the room to witness the count as it is being done.  There have been persistent rumors about uncounted ballots on such things as “sense of the caucus” votes on major issues.  We’re not saying we don’t trust this gang, but — we don’t trust this gang.  sneak thief

Some proponents are cloaking the proposed change, (which reportedly will be offered by Rep. Ryan Williams on behalf of leadership) as an effort at “transparency.” But with this crowd, you can be sure they are trying to rig the game — just like they do with bogus fiscal notes, flagging bills, not naming freshmen to subcommittees, etc., etc., etc., etc.


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