President 70%? Surely you jest….

In a hilarious column in this weekend’s Tennessean, two Vanderbilt professors took what was already being considered a rather bogus poll and postulated what had to be a satirical assertion: Bill Haslam should be President of the United States.

After water-boarding the data and torturing the sample size to within an inch of its life, the two ivory tower academic prognosticators staked their obviously tongue-in-check claim to Haslam because he had a 70% approval rating (according to their own poll).  In light of Haslam’s support for Common Core (a stance that may well keep Jeb Bush on the sidelines in 2016) or his public brain farts about raising the gas tax or expanding Obamacare, one is left with the sneaking suspicion the profs were pulling our leg when they took their poll, then extrapolated “President Bill” from the findings.  Must be slow times at Vandy these days, what with final exams almost over and the Commodores not going to a bowl.  When you are that bored, your mind starts to play tricks on you.  You’ll  do anything for laughs, like putting a whoopie cushion in the chair of the dean for Gender Studies.

It seems to us here at RTP there is precedent for wanting to be president (or governor, or senator) once you have achieved the magic number of 70% in a poll. Here are but a few examples of political chief executives who have ridden their 70% rating — all the way to disaster:

George Herbert Walker Bush – After Operation Desert Storm, Bush’s approval jumped way past 70% and climbed into the 80th percentile. A couple of years later, he was thrown out of office.

Don Sundquist – Like Haslam, Dandy Don won re-election with 70% of the vote.  But Don then proceeded to alienate the entire state by proposing a state income tax. He left office as possibly the most reviled Tennessee governor in history, including Gov. Parson Brownlow.

Barack Obama – Entered his presidency with astronomical approval ratings near or surpassing 70% and is now nursing his lame-duck presidency right into the history pages of unmitigated debacles.




Haslam for President? Please… no more… stop it… you’re killing us……

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