Teacher’s union formula for success in Tennessee? Hire an Obama staffer to deal with the GOP Legislature.

Yeah, that’ll work.

It appears the T.E.A. simply cannot escape its past. After hiring the former head of the Alabama Democratic Party to a top post, they have now hired some guy named Drew Sutton to be their “legislative coordinator.” Here is all that GOP members of the General Assembly need to know about Mr. Sutton:

  • Virginia Education Association — Union organizer and rep.
  • Denver Classroom Teachers Association – Campaign Organization and Advocacy Specialist.  Led the initiative to raise Colorado taxes by $1 billion dollars. It lost. Badly.
  • Colorado Education Association — Government Relations Intern
  • Obama Presidential Inaugural Committee.
  • Field Organizer — OFA Colorado.  The shock troops for the Obama political operation. When he was employed there, you could reach Drew at info@barackobama.com.
  • Operations Manager Apprentice, Sitel, Inc. – Best we can figure, this is a company that specializes in outsourcing U.S. jobs to overseas.
  • John Sparks For State Senate – an Oklahoma Democrat

Whew! Seems ‘ol Drew has held more Democrat party jobs than Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton put together.

But RTP is nothing if not cordial to our foreign visitors from foreign lands. So here are a few tips to help Drew acclimate himself to the culture shock:

  • SuttonThem’s are mountains in the background behind you on your LinkedIn photo, Drew, but they ain’t the Smoky Mountains. You might want to update your picture.
  • Two out of every three people you meet on the street in Tennessee voted against your former boss – twice. You might want to scrape the Obama sticker off your Prius.
  • It’s called “beer.” Not “lager,” not “ale” and not “stout.”
  • “Rocky Top” is the state’s national anthem.
  • “Rocky Mountain High” is an old John Denver song.       Unlike Colorado, it is not the state’s drug policy.
  • When you were in Colorado, your organization led the fight for a billion-dollar tax increase. Talk like that in these parts will get you a one-way Greyhound ticket to the state line.
  • Despite what you have been told or understand, Bill Haslam is officially a Republican. We realize it’s easy to get confused.

Yep — Hire a bunch of community organizing, labor union, out-of-state Obama supporters to interface with the Republican super-majorities. That’ll work about as well as the last out-of-state Obama supporter who was hired to do a similar job — and we all remember Kevin Huffman.

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