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Meanwhile, back at Legislative Plaza….

tax revolt cartoon 2

Oh, Good Grief! Liberal Loser #3 Announces for Democratic Party Chairmanship

Lenda SherrellThis is starting to get really funny.  There are now three candidates running for the Democratic Party chair, all women, all liberal, and all rejected by the voters in their recent election attempts.

Now comes Lenda (with an “e”) Sherrell, a former district manager for Barack Obama’s left-wing political group, Organizing for America.  She lost her race against Cong. Scott DesJarlais just last week.

We hear Hillary Clinton (who lost her last election to Obama) and Sen. Kay Hagan of No. Carolina (who lost last week) are also considering running for the post as well.

Plus Debra Maggart.maggart


Cagle sees a raid on his piggy bank. Throws a tantrum?

Chuck Cagle Pearson lobbyist

Chuck Cagle
Pearson lobbyist


Classify this under “rumor”, albeit one delivered to the Rocky Top Tip Line (  So far, pretty much every “rumor” we have posted that came from the Tip Line has turned out to be accurate, so we publish this one here along with the requisite disclaimers.  That said, here is what we were sent, verbatim:


Rumors around downtown Nashville are that Chuck Cagle showed up amongst the unwashed conservative masses at a Republican lawyers luncheon today. Apparently he threw a hissy fit when the guest speaker dared to suggest that charter schools and other conservative reforms were good for putting competitive pressure on what he called “government run schools.” He lost his top and stormed out in a huff after the meeting when the speaker and others shared their thoughts that common core wouldn’t be an issue if free market forces were allowed to work and families could choose to go to a non-public school.

Poor Chuckles.  Life sucks when you are exposed as a smarmy lobbyist with a temper.

What’s That We Hear? Why, It Sounds Like Honking Horns!

Shades of Don Sundquist.

Where have we seen this morality play before?

  • Popular governor wins second term against weak opponent.
  • Waits until after election and then immediately proposes a major tax increase (back then it was the state income tax, which ironically, was finally buried during last week’s election with the passage of Amendment #3).
  • Governor and legislative leaders call it “tax reform.”
  • Citizens rise up and defeat the “reform.”  Governor leaves office hated and reviled.

WKRN/Channel 2 in Nashville dropped this political bombshell earlier this evening:

Might we soon pay sales tax on haircuts to hospital stays?

Haslam’s Next Education Commissioner?

ailshieCommon Core cheerleader Lyle Ailshie being talked up by colleagues as Huffman replacement.

Never mind that Kevin “I Voted for Obama” Huffman has not resigned, tongues are wagging and hope is springing eternal that Gov. Haslam will  come to his senses and fire his sorry butt.  The big question then would turn to his replacement.

One thing seems certain — Haslam desperately needs to hire someone who is actually from Tennessee.  Hiring carpetbagging, mercenary liberals like Huffman and his cronies will only serve to further infuriate legislators, parents and teachers who are at the end of their rope over Huffman and his Common Core Cram Down.

Speculation is swirling that near the top of the list is Kingsport schools superintendent Dr. Lyle Ailshie.  As a long-time education administrator from Upper East Tennessee, Ailshie checks the residency box.  His appointment might even help muzzle  Ron Ramsey.

But  Ailshie’s problem is that he is a hard-core supporter of Common Core.  Ailshie may be a prince of a guy, governor.  But he ain’t going to solve your problem.  Your problem is Common Core.  And hiring a “Huffman Lite” who maybe can sing some of the words to Rocky Top is not going to make that problem go away.


VolunteerPolitics, we hardly knew Ye….

One of our crack team stumbled across a new (old?) website of which we were heretofore unaware.


A rather obvious attempt to counter the growing impact of Rocky Top Politics, this little website started with big claims.  It began with its first post on August 28 — with a rip-off of RTP’s “Winners and Losers” (to be fair, RTP ripped off the idea from Tom Humphrey first). VolPol disappeared after Sept. 16. That’s less than three weeks. We’ve had hangovers last longer than Volunteer Politics.

A little digging around and we came across the rumor VolPol was started at the request of none other than Mark Cate, who recruited a member of Nashville’s “First Tuesday” Republican group to create the copycat site. But regardless of who started it, it soon petered out.

The article “Bob Ries Could Win” is a good example why it never caught on. Bob Ries could get elected to Congress? Yeah, and monkeys could fly out our butts.

VolPol was gone before we ever saw it. Just days before its demise the author(s) was celebrating something called the site’s “Weekiversary” while complaining about how hard it was to do a political blog, but still predicting “we’ll be around for a long, long time.”  But alas, now VolPol is gone.  Being a mindless toady of the administration is harder than it looks, eh, VolPol?

Caught so flatfooted by our “competition,” we here at RTP resolve to start getting out more. Or at least stop watching so much on-line porn….


Yet another Loser wants to be Democratic Party Chair

JOB OPENING:  Chairman of TN Democratic Party. Applicants must have been recently defeated in an election.  Leftwing looney political background helpful.

Continuing what is becoming a Democratic Party tradition, Mary Mancini — who lost in the August primary to Jeff Yarbro — has announced she was running for the chairman’s post.  This follows fellow loser Rep. Gloria Johnson, who announced her intentions Tuesday night before the vote count was even completed.

Johnson, who apparently has received Rep. Craig Fitzhugh’s endorsement, represents the liberal wing of the Tennessee Democratic Party.  Mancini represents the bat-shit crazy faction of the liberal wing.

The battle is looming as something of a replay of the Chip Forrester/Phil Bredesen/Establishment battle of a few years ago.  RTP hasn’t seen this much competition since those two guys applied for the Purser’s job on the Titanic…


Losing candidate Johnson

Losing candidate Johnson

Losing candidate Mancini

Losing candidate Mancini

Et tu, Fitzhugh?

The man in the legislative catbird seat after last night’s election may be none other the Democrat House Leader, Craig Fitshugh.

How is that possible, you ask?  Or more accurately, you might ask:  Has RTP lost their minds?

No.  Work with us here for a second.  As counter-intuitive as it may seem, the man who lost another two seats and saw his caucus dwindle to just 26 members may just be in position to create major mischief and help drive legislation on important issues such as Common Core and Medicare expansion.fitzhugh

It’s just elementary math.  It takes 50 votes to pass or amend a bill on the floor of  the House.  If his caucus votes in a block, Fitzhugh is more than halfway there.  To gather the other 24 votes needed, Fitzhugh has to find that number of Republicans to agree with him — just 1 our of three members of the House GOP caucus.  A tall order, you say?  In most cases, yes.  But on certain issues, not so much.

It’s already happened in recent history.  Take Common Core, for example.  It was Fitzhugh’s maneuverings, in coalition with conservative Republicans, that blindsided the leadership and forced  the House vote that was an overwhelming embarrassment to the Haslam administration.  That was achieved by their shared interest in opposing Common Core, especially the excessive testing provisions.

But RINOs like Haslam and like-minded members of the GOP caucus can get in on the Fun-with-Fitzhugh game as well.  Haslam’s near fanatic desire to expand ObamaCare through Medicare expansion — considered by most observers to DOA in the House — could rise from the dead should the leadership and the governor find 24 votes for passage among the more squishy members of the GOP caucus.

Sometimes just when you think you can write someone off as inconsequential and not a threat is when they turn and bite you.  Republicans can play with Fitzhugh as long as they realize the risks going in…


Yes he did.


The biggest political winner from Tennessee?

Ward Baker.


Political insiders know exactly who RTP is referring to.  Ward is the national political director for Republican’s Senate campaign committee.  And Ward had a good night last night.  A VERY good night.

Is looks like when it is all said and done, Republicans will have picked up nine U.S. Senate seats and decisive control of the U.S. Congress.  Just in time to make Obama’s last two years miserable for Obama, but good for the country.ward baker

And a big share of the credit goes to Williamson County’s homeboy, Ward Baker.

Thank you, Ward.