“Why, he’s just like the very bestest Governor, ever!”

What was surely meant as a Politico puff piece for the new head of the Republican Governors Association (a story likely planted by Tom Ingram) instead morphed into an embarrassing and hilarious “suck-up fest” by Gov. Bill Haslam’s paid courtiers.

The best quotes came from Haslam’s media consultant, Fred Davis:

 “I have to be careful because I represent more than one governor – but I think he’s one of the best governors in the country that we’ve ever seen.”

But the adman didn’t stop with his gushing schoolgirl hyperbole.  He then let loose with this beauty:

 [Davis] described [Haslam] in contrast to his football-exec brother.

“Jim Haslam is more outgoing. He’s bigger physically. He’s the kind of guy who you look at and you say: There’s the governor of Tennessee. And then there’s Bill, who is more introspective….”

Aside from the creepy “Bro-mance” tone of his comments, Davis effectively delivered the message that Bill Haslam is … a wimp.

This is not the first time Fred Davis has wandered off the ol’ metaphorical plantation. RTP would like to remind readers of Mr. Davis’ previous work. Like this “major fail” television spot  from 2010:





“I am not a Witch”

— Christine O’Donnell for Senate, 2010



Maybe Fred can produce a new spot for Bill:




“I am not a Wimp”



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