Maybe The Tennessean Should Start Reading Rocky Top Politics.

“Yesterday’s News, Tomorrow!”reporter2

It seems cost-cutting at the Tennessean has taken its toll.  Late yesterday afternoon, the Tennessean ran with a story about Bill Haslam being named chairman of the Republican Governor’s Association, taken mostly from the governor’s press release.  What the Tennessean  failed to mention was that Rocky Top ran a story more than a day earlier, telling our readers it was going to happen and why.  And we did it with a crew member on-site in Boca Raton giving context to the content.

But as satisfying as it was to do the Tennessean’s job for them and beating them to the punch one day in advance, think about our amusement at beating WSMV-TV to a major story by 5 months.  We  were falling off our chairs laughing at the “breaking news” from WSMV that there were problems at the Tennessee School for the Blind.  If the professional reporters at WSMV did not lift this story directly from Rocky Top, maybe they should have.

On July 9 of this year, RTP ran the story about the TSB, along with copies of the emails from former TSB teacher Norma Englehardt.  A simple Google search would have revealed that fact.  Englehardt was the main source for WSMV, as she was for RTP back in the summer.  A little love and a little credit from the folks at WSMV would have been nice, but we’re not holding our breath.  Instead, RTP will be satisfied with leading the MSM horses to water AND making them drink when they get there — even it takes them 5 months to find their butts with both hands.

As to how RTP got the story in the first place, well, it’s simple.  A legislator tipped us off by sending it to the Rocky Top Politics Tip Line ( and we did the rest.  So for all you Republicans who are tired of waiting around for the news media to do its job, keep it coming.  Or Democrats for that matter.  Hell, we don’t mind where we get our tips, as long as they’re accurate.  And as always, we recommend using an anonymous email account. Documentationtoilet and detailed specifics will increase the chances we will use your submission.  We are not interested in your identity, just the reliability of your information.

And finally, as a gesture of goodwill from RTP to our friends in the MSM, here’s a little tip you might want to run down:

“Butch Jones To Be Named Head Coach At Tennessee.” 

Check it out — it just might be true.  And there’s a Pulitzer just waiting for the lucky reporter who breaks that story.

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