Chris Barbic to replace Huffman? Governor, you don’t have the guts…

So far, all the predictions about who replaces Kevin “I Voted for Obama” Huffman have left out a rather obvious candidate. More than just a few believe the logical person to replace Huffman would his close buddy and fellow carpetbagger Chris Barbic – the very highly paid Achievement School District superintendent.

Chris Barbic

Chris Barbic

Huffman recruited Barbic, an old Teach For America friend from Texas, to come to Tennessee.  Of course Teach For America is the outfit that Huffman left to move to the Volunteer state, and when he arrived he rewarded his old employer with $12 million of our tax money through no-bid sweetheart contract.  And Huffman has let people  know that he thinks Barbic would be just the perfect person to replace him.

To this we say: Governor you ain’t got the cajones.  And here’s why.

RTP has uncovered a problematic fact about Mr. Barbic — a person Haslam once referred to as one of “two of the best hires I have made as governor.” (The other “best hire” was Huffman, natch.)

It seems Barbic’s wife, whose name is Natasha Kamrani, is the Exec. Director for Tennessee of a Washington, DC-based group called Democrats for Education Reform — an organization comprised  primarily of former Democrat state legislators.

You read that right.  Democrats for Education Reform.

Can you imagine the reaction in our legislature if the governor named Barbic to the job? It’s bad enough that he let the Obama-voting Huffman take over the education of our children, but picking Barbic would be rubbing salt in the wound.

Of course, there’s also the little problem of the multi-million dollar lawsuits against Huffman and Barbic. One of the lawsuits sued Barbic personally as well as in his official capacity. Should make for interesting discussion during hearings next session.

Of course, RTP does not hold high hopes that anyone this governor appoints will be anything more than a toady for Common Core and SCORE.

But just for kicks: go ahead, Guv — appoint Barbic. Make our day….eastwood

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