Cagle sees a raid on his piggy bank. Throws a tantrum?

Chuck Cagle Pearson lobbyist

Chuck Cagle
Pearson lobbyist


Classify this under “rumor”, albeit one delivered to the Rocky Top Tip Line (  So far, pretty much every “rumor” we have posted that came from the Tip Line has turned out to be accurate, so we publish this one here along with the requisite disclaimers.  That said, here is what we were sent, verbatim:


Rumors around downtown Nashville are that Chuck Cagle showed up amongst the unwashed conservative masses at a Republican lawyers luncheon today. Apparently he threw a hissy fit when the guest speaker dared to suggest that charter schools and other conservative reforms were good for putting competitive pressure on what he called “government run schools.” He lost his top and stormed out in a huff after the meeting when the speaker and others shared their thoughts that common core wouldn’t be an issue if free market forces were allowed to work and families could choose to go to a non-public school.

Poor Chuckles.  Life sucks when you are exposed as a smarmy lobbyist with a temper.

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