Haslam’s Next Education Commissioner?

ailshieCommon Core cheerleader Lyle Ailshie being talked up by colleagues as Huffman replacement.

Never mind that Kevin “I Voted for Obama” Huffman has not resigned, tongues are wagging and hope is springing eternal that Gov. Haslam will  come to his senses and fire his sorry butt.  The big question then would turn to his replacement.

One thing seems certain — Haslam desperately needs to hire someone who is actually from Tennessee.  Hiring carpetbagging, mercenary liberals like Huffman and his cronies will only serve to further infuriate legislators, parents and teachers who are at the end of their rope over Huffman and his Common Core Cram Down.

Speculation is swirling that near the top of the list is Kingsport schools superintendent Dr. Lyle Ailshie.  As a long-time education administrator from Upper East Tennessee, Ailshie checks the residency box.  His appointment might even help muzzle  Ron Ramsey.

But  Ailshie’s problem is that he is a hard-core supporter of Common Core.  Ailshie may be a prince of a guy, governor.  But he ain’t going to solve your problem.  Your problem is Common Core.  And hiring a “Huffman Lite” who maybe can sing some of the words to Rocky Top is not going to make that problem go away.


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